Car manufacturer BMW have recently launched their new online ordering system, one that promises customers to be able to purchase a brand new car in around 10 minutes. 

Picking up a wide variety of parts for your car on the internet has proved successful for many online businesses, however, BMW themselves are certain that this potentially revolutionary technology is the first of its kind in terms of a complete process from ordering to purchase. "Ten years ago the customer went to the dealership an average of 4.5 times before buying the car; now it's 1.5 times," says Ian Robertson, head of sales and marketing at BMW. "So we already know there's an enormous amount of research being done online - more than 90% of buyers do preparation there before going anywhere near a showroom."

The overall process for ordering a BMW vehicle is relatively simple, as the system will enquire about your driving situation - such as how far you normally drive and how many passengers are typically with you - then suggest some possibilities that may suit you. The customer can also talk to online advisors for more advice on what type of car will suit you best

Next up, the customer can select their nearest dealer to complete the sale, with the opportunity to haggle down the overall price or discuss extras additionally being an option. For any trade-ins, the system will give you an estimation of its worth based on the registration plate. Finally, the customer can choose how they would like to finance the car with the option of monthly payments, as well as configuring the deposit price, which can be paid for with a credit card or regular bank transfer.

BMW has high hopes for the new service, even if there is some trepidation with beginning a new format such as this. "There was clear nervousness to start with," added Robertson, "But during the pilot, the dealers have been seeing customers they've never seen before, and sold cars in the middle of the night. It was enough to persuade 137 dealers in the UK to sign up to it. We have to reflect the fact that the sales process is becoming more transactional than experiential."

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