On their way - Lucy Rout founder of Tabuu

Lucy is the 26-year-old founder and creator of Tabuu, a brand creating sustainable and stylish modern day pill cases, designed for people who don't want their medication to define their lifestyle

I had a rare pancreatic cancer removed back in January 2020 which subsequently left me needing to take around 20 tablets a day for life...........

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Entrepreneur Insight - Natalie Brannigan founder of The Little Marketing Company

Natalie started LMC to enable the smaller company to have access to her branding and marketing experience and raise their profile in the tough online business world

Entrepreneur Insight - Rob Stone Founder and MD of Instaloft

Instaloft is the UK’s largest installer of loft storage solutions and Rob has taken the business from a standing start to a £14m turnover in just seven years

Entrepreneur Insight - Arjun Gadkari Founder of Pico Sauces

Arjun is the founder and MD of Indian spiced condiments brand, Pico Sauces, launched in 2015 bringing authentic flavours of modern India into everyday British meals.

My dad set up his own business but had no idea how to get customers, he thought they would just come to him. So, I managed all the marketing and promoting of the business and my dad was soon booked up!...... Full story

The lightbulb moment that really started the ball rolling was when I stepped backwards down someone's stairs while I was doing a quote.............. Full story

I was sat in a McDonalds in India back in 2012 and although the menu had been ‘Indianised' to reflect certain flavours and tastes associated with the country, the sauce offering was still completely American (ketchup, mayonnaise and mustard)............... Full story


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