Privacy concerns over employees inputting sensitive data into ChatGPT

In recent times, the chatbot has been praised as a powerful ally for business growth and efficiency, with many using it to streamline operations, extract data and write copy. However, with businesses increasing their utilisation of the chatbot, there have also been growing concerns over how the platform handles private data and the unknown risks it could pose to users and clients.....................................

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Trade Finance innovation

Christoph Gugelmann, co-founder of Tradeteq with Nils Behling, discusses trade related finance with New Business and what they offer to investors

An axe, a stuffed snake and a tortoise are not the weirdest things left in wills

By Ben Furlong Customer Services Director at legal technology company- Estatesearch

Accounting for Crypto

By Joshua Pearce, UHY Ross Brooke Ltd, Chartered Accountants and Business Advisers

Could you please give our readers an overview of Tradeteq and the inspiration behind its founding?................. Full story

This was revealed in a new research study of 2,000 UK residents conducted by independent market research............... Full story

Many think of crypto as digital currency and it has often been suggested that certain cryptocurrencies ................. Full story


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