Why do employees burn out quicker than entrepreneurs?

By Dr. Ewald Kibler Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship and head of the Entrepreneurship Unit at Aalto University School of Business in Finland.

In wider public debate, entrepreneurs are often characterised as ‘gold hunters', always in pursuit of fresh opportunities, creating - and at the same time - exploiting new areas of economic activity. While not technically untrue, this view discards a lot of nuances.........

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The power of the De-Influencer

By Andrew Trotman, CEO and Co-Founder of KOMI Group, an award-winning social media owner, agency, licensor, and talent management service

Quiet quitting could be reversed with employee-driven L&D

Research suggests shift in priorities post-pandemic must be embraced by employers amid talent scarcity crisis

Young Brits more likely to invest in crypto than pensions or ISAs

New research shows trends and attitudes to life goals, finances and investments for 22-30 year olds surveyed

In the course of just a decade, influencers have transformed the face of commerce. Beforehand, it seemed no brand could move the dial without a pricey TV or OOH marketing campaign; now, in many cases, marketeers prefer to pay ‘regular' people (albeit those with more followers than the average person) to build awareness of their brand - as long as they have a loyal following...................... Full story

New research by e-learning solutions platform imc suggests that working in partnership with employees on their learning & development could be key to overcoming the current crisis of talent engagement, amid a climate of ‘quiet quitting' and the Great Resignation................ Full story

Tembo, the tech-focused mortgage broker reveals 16% of young people surveyed aged 22-24 plan to invest in NFTs or crypto in the next five years. This compares to 14% who plan to invest in an ISA and just 10% who plan to invest in a pension............. Full story


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