National cancer charity Cancer Support UK, partners with The Wellbeing Project

Cancer Support UK is delighted to announce its new partnership with global wellbeing consultancy The Wellbeing Project, which has been instrumental in creating healthy workplace cultures for over 15 years.................................................

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Crisis Project Management - Do rules go out of the window?

The way in which you react to a major incident can make all the difference when it comes to ensuring that you minimise the impact that the incident has.

New Business discusses effective PR solutions with Sam Pepper, founder of PR on a Tin

As we have seen in many high profile instances recently, not all publicity is good publicity and we sit down with Sam, an expert in PR, to discuss her strategies for a successful outcome.

MicroSalt Launches Primary Bid Offer in Anticipation of AIM IPO

A pre-IPO opportunity is there for canny investors

And that you return things to a normal status quo as soon as possible. Time is, after all, money, and this is never................. Full story

Can you give our readers a brief idea of what's on and indeed in the tin? PR on ............... Full story

MicroSalt, the revolutionary patented technology that "delivers natural salt with 50% less sodium" has announced.................. Full story


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