Google search for small firms

By admin
Created 30/11/2007 - 12:27

Small businesses can now incorporate Google Custom Search onto their websites to allow customers and visitors to search their site using Google’s search technology.

Companies can customise the appearance of the site by adding a logo to match the site’s look and feel and can customise search results by refining content, such as dividing it into different technologies.

“For many organisations, a website is their window to the world and significant investment goes into attracting customers to the site,” said Robert Whiteside, enterprise manager, UK and Ireland, for Google Enterprise.

“Keeping visitors on a site once they arrive, however, is a challenge and the absence of a search facility can be a major cause of a lack of website ‘stickiness’,” he added. “By improving the ease, speed and accuracy with which users can find what they need, businesses can ensure their website justifies the investments made.”

Companies with larger websites can purchase Google Custom Search Business Edition, which starts at £50 a year for up to 5,000 web pages.

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