UK Dominates the US in Remote Working Job Battle, Study Reveals

By rotide
Created 10/03/2020 - 19:37
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A study by RingCentral [1] has explored remote working options in the UK and across the US, revealing that the UK has the most flexible working opportunities overall. 
Using the world's most popular job board, Indeed.com [2], the study collected all of the listed remote working jobs to reveal how the UK and US stacks up, when it comes to remote working opportunities. 
In the UK, there were 87,804 remote working jobs listed, compared to just 46,119 job opportunities in the US. Incredibly, the UK had 90% more jobs than the US offering remote working options. 
Remote working = lower salary? The UK inches ahead of the US with remote working salaries.

However, the majority of remote working job roles fell into the lowest salary brackets. 

However, the US beats the UK for full-time remote working jobs, the US offers full-time contracts to 71% of remote working jobs, compared to the UK who offers just 40%. 
Both results still offer an increased layer of security and stability for remote workers. 
Remote Working Map of the UK 
Location, Location, Location

Whilst it is true that remote working can be done from anywhere, many of the opportunities we found listed their head-office location.

• South = 58,037 (66%)

*True remote means the job role can be done from anywhere, without any office-based contact. 
Companies based in the South of the UK offer the most remote working opportunities, followed by the North. 43% are based out of London, 11% Channel Islands, and 6% in Manchester. 

Top 5 Remote Working Jobs in the UK
Here are the type of roles in the UK that are most likely to offer remote working:

Top Five Companies for Remote Working Jobs in the UK
These are the five companies who are advertising the most jobs with remote working benefits.

Remote Working Map of the US
Seniority of Remote Working Jobs in the US
In the US, it seems that mid-level and entry-level jobs have the most scope for remote working with 41% of jobs falling into these two categories.

This is a promising sign, meaning that younger graduates or those starting to become mid-level candidates could benefit from the most flexible options around.
Top 5 States for Remote Working Jobs in the US
The majority of remote working jobs in our study had head offices located in these five states, with both East Coast and West Coast appearing on the list.

Top 5 Companies for Remote Working Jobs in the US
In the US, these are the five companies offering the most jobs with flexible or remote working within their job descriptions.

The study uses data from the US and UK versions of Indeed to compile the number of remote working jobs available at the time of writing. The data was also available by city (in the UK) and state (in the US) and was correct as at January 1st 2020

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