What makes Mercedes everyone’s favourite?

By rotide
Created 20/07/2020 - 12:53

Yes -  the best luxury vehicles around us are Mercedes, why Mercedes and what makes Mercedes stand apart from its rivals?

1926 established German automotive company Mercedes today, is the most trusted name in the luxury world.

For reference, if we take the king of sedans the "S-class", what makes the S-class the best sedan in the world AND the best luxury saloon?  The S-class is the best of both worlds and a dream to drive for both driver and chauffeur, offering an extremely comfortable magic carpet ride and tireless driving.

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The S-class has every possible creature comfort you can imagine.  It would not be wrong to say it is the most feature-loaded car around at present, starting from the two-spoke steering, beautifully wrapped in soft leather containing the control buttons. It enables you to control the whole vehicle starting from your lane keep assist, adapting cruise control and touchpads to toggle the MID. The whole dashboard has a luxury vintage feel to it, equipped with all the modern gizmos.


THE S-class driver is pampered with the best seats in the business, made of highest quality Nappa leather that can take your tiredness away in seconds and these are not just any seats. They can cool you on a hot summer day and warm you up in chilling winter times, with its heating and cooling seat controls and can even massage you after a tiring day at the wheel, making you feel fresh and invigorated.


The S-class comes with a slew of engines each for every demand. The base engine is the V6 diesel, very refined with enough torque to make overtaking a breeze and the cherry on the cake is the great fuel economy. Then there is the inline 6 petrol engine, silent with superior acceleration, followed by the beast, 4.0 V8, everyone's favourite.  Superb power and punch that pushes you back in the seat as soon as you hit the accelerator, followed by the legendary v12, the king of all the engines. The S-class also comes with a super light electrical assisted steering unit, which makes driving totally effortless.


The most important factor for a vehicle to make it a complete package is it's SAFETY. When you're spending this amount of money, your safety becomes the priority of Mercedes and they haven't compromised at all.  The S-class comes packed with safety features, built on an all-aluminium structure, making the vehicle both rigid and lightweight at the same time. Other advanced safety features such as active steering make it  a wonderful secure drive.


when you buy a Mercedes you leave all your headaches at the dealership. Mercedes Benz [2] is best known for its reliability, undoubtedly the most reliable luxury brand around. You don't have to waste your time in service stations every other day having problems attended to, but on the occasions your vehicle might need attention, parts are readily available , as are the best service  staff, should you need any assistance.


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