5 basic tools for Increasing your work productivity

By rotide
Created 19/09/2020 - 11:30
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Technology is ubiquitous, and while not a specifically human industry [1], its advancement has propelled mankind's evolution through time, moving us from creatures with simple contemplative musings about fire, shelter and clothing to the collaborative individuals we are today, capable of creating the myriad of mechanised gadgets that now saturate our daily lives - computers and smartphones and even semi-autonomous cars [2] (to name but a few)! But bigger or more "advanced" inventions don't necessarily mean "better," as evidenced by the tools used by other species [3] (birds and insects, for example), the manipulation of which has facilitated their own unique development. Indeed, tools of lesser complexity can often offer advantages that more sophisticated gadgets cannot; not only are less resources typically required for their use, they are often easier to manipulate with less parts to break. If you're looking for a few good tools to increase your efficiency at work, but don't have extra time and money or the desire to buy complicated solutions, check out these five basic tools that are proven to improve workplace productivity:

A headset

Being productive is all about efficiency. A headset allows you to speak on the phone but still use your hands. It also helps block out noisy distractions. The result: you can do twice as much in blissful peace.

Desk organiser

Organisation also impacts productivity. A tidy space, in particular, makes it easier for you to find and use the materials you need throughout the day. A desktop organiser [4] can help you sort papers and store essentials, such as notepads, pens and paper clips. And if you prefer a more minimal aesthetic, you can make use of a drawer organiser to keep your office paraphernalia out of sight, but still close at hand. Either simple gadget will enable you to maintain a clean space, thus, making it more comfortable for you to work in it.


Many scientific studies, as well as various types of market research [5], advocate the benefit of writing things down. Apparently, the physical act of moving a pen or pencil across paper actually activates the brain in a way that typing does not, encouraging higher levels of cognitive function and achievement. Furthermore, writing acts to clear the mind and clarify goals, as well as reinforce memory recall. To boost your productivity, then, you might only need a pad of paper and a pen!


Science also suggests that our diet plays an important role in our productivity. To maximize our efficiency, we need a supply of healthful snacks close-by to help fuel us during the workday. In addition to nutritious breakfasts and lunches, a well-stocked breakroom or snack basket can give you the boost of energy you need to complete a task. Not only do small edible treats offer a quick pick-me-up during a morning or afternoon slump, when provided by management, they convey a care for staff that can encourage loyalty and increased performance.


While it might seem too obvious to warrant a spot on this list, light is critical for productivity. Even the colour of light [6] and the length of exposure to it has been shown to dramatically affect brain function in a positive way. If an adequate amount of natural light is not available, a regular tabletop lamp with a smart bulb [7] can frequently facilitate release of hormones to keep natural circadian rhythms in sync and you, therefore, at your most productive.

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