Tintra PLC continues its fundraising round with a further $10 million investment

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Created 31/01/2023 - 15:22

Innovative deep tech and banking business, Tintra PLC continues its fundraising round having received a further $10 million in investment.

On a mission to solve the challenges faced across emerging markets using a ground up approach that is, Tintra PLC [1] is setting out to truly understand the cultural dissonance that drives inequality for unbanked and underbanked people around the world.

As such, this latest investment round will help fund the development of its revolutionary banking infrastructure, focused on driving financial inclusion across developing regions of the world by building technology that is free of social, cultural, and geographic bias. Technology that is, at its core, designed to establish someone's financial innocence and not purely be out to prosecute those who are guilty.

This news closely follows an update issued by the PLC in December 2022 on its current funding round, together with the announcement of Paul James - original COO of Starling Bank - as Chief Operating Officer of Tintra PLC, where he will be responsible for the operational rollout of the Group's ambitious strategy.

Discussing this latest news, Richard Shearer, CEO of Tintra PLC, said: "I am, of course, delighted to have received a further $10 million in investment, together with the commitment made by this latest shareholder to Tintra PLC.

We are focused on driving true financial inclusion to 100's of millions of people across Latin America, Africa, and Asia. It is not just about providing a bank account or a loan - it is about empowering entire communities to fulfil their potential and create an economic environment where there is genuine equality [in a financial sense at least], and ensuring we no longer live in a world where banking is 10 times more challenging, and less beneficial, for someone in an emerging market than it is for someone in London or New York.

Tintra is engaging some of the best minds in the world to work with us on this project. We are laser focused on success and changing the life of millions of people around the world and we really believe we are building a multi-billion-dollar company."

Tintra is publicly listed on the AIM market of the London Stock Exchange and is also available on the OTCQB Venture Market in New York.

Headquartered in London, Tintra boasts a team of over 40 academics, scientists, geo-politicians, technologists, and experienced visionary thinkers, cementing its position as a revolutionary voice in both banking and technology.

For more information, visit Tintra [2]  

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