Enhancing Cyber Risk Management with the New Resilience Solution

By rotide
Created 02/05/2023 - 17:58
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 Resilience [1] is proud to introduce its new cyber risk solution, transforming how enterprises assess, measure, and manage risk in an integrated and economically-efficient manner. The Resilience Solution offers customers a significantly easier and more effective way to look at their cyber risk holistically, and breaks down the silos across risk, cybersecurity, and financial leaders that currently govern cyber insurance and cybersecurity decisions in enterprises today.  

Over the last two years, the Resilience model has proven that by building a holistic approach to managing this risk, organisational security is increased dramatically. 100% of Resilience cyber risk solution clients impacted by ransomware were able to avoid paying an extortion in 2022. In the same time period, clients overall were twice as resistant to extortion demands compared to the industry average.

"Despite growing investment into insurance and cybersecurity, the cost of cybercrime is outpacing defensive measures," said Vishaal "V8" Hariprasad, CEO of Resilience. "We set out to address this widening gap and realised that companies must fundamentally rethink how they approach risk. The Resilience Solution ensures cybersecurity practitioners and insurance teams speak the same language. The result: cyber risk is becoming predictable and manageable for businesses, like never before."

The Resilience Solution excels at cyber risk quantification, assessment, control, and financing. Baseline features surpass what risk managers can currently obtain elsewhere in the marketplace, and additional enhanced features are available to meet clients' individual risk needs. The Resilience Solution now includes five key integrated benefits that every customer will receive:

The Resilience Solution is now available via three packages based on your client's needs. Each tier of our solution offers increasing levels of cybersecurity capabilities, visibility into your risk profile, cyber risk quantification and modeling, and third-party risk management capabilities augmented by an easy-to-use digital portal.

Over the last several years, Resilience has delivered the most innovative cyber insurance solution for middle to large enterprises, setting the pace for the entire industry. This new solution now builds on that foundation to help companies balance and prioritise their cyber risk acceptance, mitigation, and transfer, to become cyber resilient.

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