Steering transformation: The journey beyond 2023

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Created 03/09/2023 - 11:54
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As a new era of transportation begins to evolve, discussions surrounding the future of mobility and its implications for drivers are fast gaining traction. To build the pathways essential for future success, it's key to extend our perspective beyond the initial years of the next decade, delving into the transformations ahead that will reshape mobility.

These transformations will undoubtedly influence both fleets and drivers, impacting businesses of all shapes and sizes across the UK, as we embark on the future of the driving experience.

Exploring the future of driving

A recent gathering of thought leaders, held at the prestigious Goodwood Festival of Speed, and sponsored by AA Business Services, saw discussions tackle ‘The Future of Driving: Unlocking Possibilities'.

The panel featuring  saw the following key take-outs emerge.

Electrification isn't enough to decarbonise transport on its own

While we must acknowledge the pivotal role electrification will play in the decarbonisation of transport, it's evident that tackling carbonisation requires a wider scope. Facilitating the overhaul of energy networks is also critical for transformation.

The role of investment and policy in driving global leadership

Provided the right investment and policy drivers can be put in place, the UK has the potential to emerge as a leading global pioneer in the world of mobility. We're certainly highly capable of crafting well thought-out initiatives that deeply resonate with the public to drive future change.

Collaboration is the catalyst for accelerating progress

The rate of progress required hinges on developing stakeholder synergy, especially among diverse audiences. Collaboration is rapidly emerging as the conduit that will ensure rapid advancement toward shared goals.

Driving demand for change is necessary

Cultivating a desire among customers to actively demand action, as opposed to merely adapting under duress, will play a pivotal role in speeding up the process of decarbonisation.

Global learning will also be highly catalytic in driving future change

Drawing from the experiences of ongoing projects across the globe will impart acceleration to UK-based innovation, ensuring the holistic transformation of mobility in the foreseeable future.

Always ahead

The motto 'Always Ahead,' engrained in the AA for over a century, has encapsulated our visionary approach for more than 100 years, and we remain true to its values today. We see it as our purpose to help our customers embrace the opportunities ahead and to understand how technology and innovation can deliver safer journeys. That's why we consistently delve into revolutionary ideas, remaining at the forefront of shaping the future driving experience.

Our dedication to nurturing informed decisions and instilling enthusiasm about the future stands firm, resonating with the same excitement that drives us forward. Wherever you are on your journey to the future of mobility, remember that we are with you, every mile of the way.

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