Finnish gas pipeline suspected sabotage causes UK gas price surge

By rotide
Created 11/10/2023 - 07:38

Finland has been investigating the cause of flow interruption in the pipeline connecting Finland and Estonia that looks deliberate, an explosion being the most likely source of the damage. Earthquakes can cause the same level of destruction but there haven't been any reported in the region and Russian survey vessels have been seen in the area. This is also the second European pipeline that has been damaged since the invasion of Ukraine, the first coming from Russia and ending in Germany. It's not too difficult to find motives for this type of action, maybe just a message, before the start of Winter in most of Europe.

While not causing serious energy problems to Finland, international energy markets have drawn their own conclusions and the knee jerk reaction has been to push rates between 12% and 15 % higher, recognising the vulnerability of pipelines in marine locations, very difficult to protect.


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