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Somersby Cider ad parodies Apple

It's very rarely that a TV commercial is something that you would wish to share with friends and colleagues. It has been a while since something has been credibly amusing or on topic enough to go viral. Let's face it, aside from the Old Spice adverts that frequented instant message windows and email inboxes, not a whole lot comes to memory.

There have been recent efforts such as the mobile phone company Three's dancing pony ad, a polarising campaign that's interpretation on web based humour appears to have divided opinion in a way you could liken to a Saturday prime time evening television, it will have it's audience, but will draw equal amount's of awkward cringe's.  I will be honest, that one is not for me. Could you tell?

Somersby Cider, a brand of the Carlsberg Group have boldly chosen to parody Apple and their distinctive branding, terminology and unmistakeable approach to in store customer service. The ad heavily plays on the words we have come to associate with Apple, with store assistants reaffirming that the product in question (the cider itself) is 'wireless', and boasting that it works perfectly in direct sunlight.

Internet users are an informed bunch, and increasingly educated it the ways of online marketing. You simply cannot afford to force 'viral' as a strategy. Viral is something you achieve if your output or product is good enough to warrant sharing in the various online communities, and many of the users will sniff out what i would like to call 'forced viral', and often take exception to it. 

With that in mind, it is important that a marketing campaign stands on its own merits, and in our opinion, this one does.

 See the full ad below:



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Post Date: April 10th, 2013