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You also give them a reason to remember you. The display has text and images to further promote your band. Imagine having a big wall at the event that people can see even from afar.

It does not mean though that it will be an automatic success. It still depends on how you make the most of the media.

Value the importance of white space

When you have a material that is really huge, it is easy to be tempted to use all of it. This should not be the case. Just because you have a huge board does not mean you have to write long texts or magnify all images. There should still be spaces in between so the eyes can rest. The minimalistic approach may also make the board look more appealing. Remove words that are not really that important.

Don't just design the board

Dealing with the board design alone is already tough. It gets even tougher if you start thinking about how you will design the entire floor plan. You need to know where the visitors will be entertained and how you can maximise the space given to you. Prepare for when there are a lot of visitors in the area.

a podium 

Consider lighting

In a well-lit venue, lighting might be unnecessary. However, in some events, they turn off the main sources of light so that each booth can make use of lights to their advantage. Proper lighting creates a sense of luxury and elegance. You might also need it to highlight an important aspect of your booth. You must also determine where to keep the items that you have brought with you. If the place gets too messy, people could be turned off.

Find engaging staff

You must understand that exhibition display stands or pop up stands are not the only ones on display. The entire staff is too. You must find employees who can be engaging enough to attract people to come over. They must also be visually pleasing. They have to dress well for the event and wear clothes that best represent your brand. They must be willing to stand and smile the entire day. There should also be games and other activities prepared so that the booth becomes more interactive.

Take your time preparing for this activity and do everything you can to make the most out of an event that can draw hundreds of visitors. You want to take this chance to grab more customers.