We welcome that Michael Gove has listened by not using punitive toxic tax hikes to hit hard working drivers. That is a victory for FairFuelUK's extensive campaigning working closely with MPs from all Parties.
But banning new diesel AND petrol car sales by 2040 will cost trillions to consumers and the economy. It is inevitable that carbon based fuels will be phased out to favour cleaner fuels, but to do it as a cliff edge in 20 years is naïve and ill thought out. Better to phase in new fuel technologies to work effectively and be supported, without a target date to terminate diesel and petrol.
With several proven solutions to lowering emissions available now, such as retrofitting systems, bulk additives and for the petrol mix of bioethanol to move from e5 to e10, the Minister has missed an opportunity to solve the emissions issue now, fairly and at little cost.
Quentin Willson, lead spokesman for FairFuelUK said: "So by 2040 no fuel stations no garage repairs no car parts suppliers and 15m diesels scrapped. The cost will be trillions."
Howard Cox, Founder of the FairFuelUK Plan said: "We have practical proven ways to reduce emissions available now. Why has Michael Gove ignored these in favour of a draconian policy that will hit small businesses and low-income families the hardest. The energy supply infrastructure and the National Grid will disintegrate in a breakneck move to nascent electric technology which will guarantee to cripple the economy."
Quentin Willson & Howard Cox