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With large amounts of data on your customers and suppliers alike, it's crucial that your internal security is watertight, and that your data is stored safely. Along with this data, there will be daily prints-outs and scans of a confidential nature, which must be protected.
Therefore, to avoid a security breach, investing in high-end office equipment is a must. Not only will it help to protect your clients, it will also support you in delivering the best service possible.

While you might automatically consider implementing laptop and computer security, there are also other aspects of banking technology which need protection. Here is why choosing the perfect printer is an important move for your business.


While a lot of information is now stored and protected online, some extremely important pieces of work are better in hard format, such as mortgage contracts. When a print-out is needed you should ensure that it accurately represents your business and is provided in a professional format.
A multifunction laser printer like the Lexmark CX727de is perfect for this job as it can provide exceptionally high-quality print-outs in both monochrome and colour, at speeds of up to 47 pages per minute. This means that large amounts of documents can be printed without causing queues. As well as this, the device can also handle different media types, including smaller-sized media, which can be used for promotional purposes.

Printing Security

Security is key to both customers and employees and this should be reflected in all your banking technology choices. Storing information such as date of birth, address, credit history and banking details means that every piece of equipment you own should be completely protected from internal and external hacks.

Choosing a printing device which has secure print options and can only be accessed by authorised staff is a great way to keep information out of the wrong hands. For example, the Lexmark Printer CX317dn offers proven and tested network security features, such as the Confidential Print feature.

This feature requires entering a customised, unique PIN on your Lexmark Printer keypad before any document can be released to be printed. This covers all manners of technology, including printing from mobile devices, giving you full protection no matter what device you're using.


Having a reliable printer and other office appliances in an area which customers occupy is essential, as they will often require printed materials such as proof of transactions. However, if these devices are cluttering up the space and creating lots of noise, it can make the business seem unprofessional. 

A multi-function device is recommended as these can perform the jobs of several office devices, while using less space and energy. An extremely noisy device can sometimes indicate printer problems, but if the technology is simply outdated it could be time to invest in a new one with a quiet print mode.
When it comes to providing the best service possible to your customers, whether that's by protecting their information and data, or giving them professional and high-quality print-outs, printers are a key tool for banking businesses.

Hopefully this post has given you some insight into exactly what you should consider when choosing your new printer model.