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New BusinessInterviews Jonathan Quin co-founder of World First the award winning foreign exchange experts

What were your aims back in 2004 when you started World First? "Nick [Robinson] and I started the business in 2004 from a basement flat in Stockwell, South London. We'd both previously worked for banks in the City and felt that the internet and availability of electronic pricing, provided an opportunity to take the products, service and pricing that the big banks reserved..........

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25 years of DDoS

It has been 25 years since the first DDoS attack, and since then the world has witnessed many variants that disrupt the availability of the target host and its services.

Think you’ve wiped your phone? Think again.

by Amir Shani, Director, Mobile Lifecycle Products, Cellebrite

The high cost of a small mistake

An error in content can cost businesses millions of pounds, leave customer relations in tatters and reduce the credibility of a brand’s future messages and offerings.

By Aftab Afzal, Senior Vice President and General Manager EMEA at NSFOCUS IB At the same time, we have seen a similar evolution in DDoS protection technologies, as well as improvements to enable anti-DDoS to interact with evolving technologies. But how has the DDoS attack....... Full story

Have you ever sold an old phone handset on eBay? Given it to a loved one or friend? Or indeed traded it in for a newer version? You will be interested to know that even though you may have manually deleted the data on that device, ........ Full story

By Gavin Drake, VP of Marketing at Quark Enterprise Solutions Adidas recently faced criticism over a typo in its advertising, mistaking Colombia for 'Columbia'. Not so glaring, however, Twitter followers jumped on the chance to point out the error, which highlights the damage...... Full story


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