Inflation continues downward path.

By rotide
Created 17/04/2024 - 09:07

Economists had forecast lower inflation, but it is not a given, so a sigh of relief all round to see the downward trend for inflation continuing. March figures came in at 3.2% from February's 3.4%. Lower inflation is going to be the key to lower interest rates and the massive question from business of all sizes and mortgage holders is "when?"

Rishi Sunak would take it tomorrow, the Conservative party taking a bit of a battering recently and looking for a little love to spread around. However, most forecasters do not see the Bank of England kicking off a string of ¼% cuts until June.

Food and drink prices are mostly responsible for the lower rate, though the tinkering with weights and prices that seem to lighten the weight of the household bags but not the price, irritate the hell out of consumers who are very aware of the strategy. 

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