Tap Trends to Raise your Business Profile

By rotide
Created 29/06/2017 - 13:45
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And, when the connection has been made, it’s hard to see how anyone could have ever thought otherwise. Consider the glorious example of Hawaiian pizza - pineapple chunks where no sane person could reasonably expect them to be, yet the product of this weird fusion is one of the best-selling pizza lines, and has been since its inception.

The exotic topping just caught on, and even its creator, the late great Sam Panopoulos [1] confessed that, at the time, he had no inkling of how popular his topping would become; he just thought it was a good idea. In Sam's case, this gut instinct paid off handsomely, but we cannot all be so lucky.

For those of us unblessed with Mr Panopoulos’ prophetic gifts, marketing comes down to reaching out with your brand in a single-minded drive to put your enterprise on the map (Me! Me! Look at me!), or adopting a broader and more collective approach (Us! Us! We’re with them!) – it's this latter strategy that we shall look at in finer detail because, although obduracy is an advantage when it comes to anything entrepreneurial, sometimes it pays to spread your bets and look a little further afield from the myopia of your own marketing hype.

By associating your brand with other products and wider cultural ideas that are bobbing about in the infosphere, your enterprise is no longer reliant on your promotional efforts alone – now you are at liberty to borrow promotional energy from the other campaigns you are in alignment with. A rising tide to lift all boats, just so long as all those vessels are securely tethered together and the flotilla is headed in the right direction. Crossover marketing is very on-trend, so why not hitch a ride on someone else’s coattails and hope they do the same for you?

For those seeking working examples of this neat little thesis, look no further than the burgeoning iGaming sector, with its bewildering proliferation of live games, poker apps, and pick-up-and-play casino games of every kind. Every year sees new slot and casino games entering what is already a crowded market. How then to stand out and be counted?

A classic marketing tactic is to tie your new game release to something that’s out there in the public consciousness already – a blockbuster movie or summer release, or a high profile rock band currently on tour. If not a strictly official tie-in, there’s always room for careful positioning and artwork to suggest a connection where none technically exists. Game of Thrones doing the rounds on the telly? Expect a fresh batch of Game of Thrones slot games in all the most popular online casino in UK, replete with spiky thrones and heavy plate mail, bearing titles like “Throne Game” or Iron Chair”.  

Is the new technology coming up? Be sure that masters of marketing do not let the chance to pass by and create new catching experience that attract the new users.They ready to create for you a 3D spaces or even internal online live environment, with live dealers, smooth lights, roulette table [2] and soft music, and call it with attractive name. It is a part of marketing strategy of every big iGaming player.    
Tacking into the wind of fickle fashion works well for a business sufficiently flexible to tack back out again in a hurry should such a step be practical. Witness the microbreweries sector, where new beer varieties appear and vanish in endless succession, released to coincide with a current ale festival or local event, then swapped out for another blend when circumstances are contingent. Even the bigger breweries play this game, and play it well.

Southwold-based brewery Adnams is an old hand [3] at this kind of thing. Alongside their established cask and keg products, they also produce limited-edition and one-off special beers to commemorate public events and celebratory occasions such as royal birthdays and anniversaries. They have summer beers for the summer crowd, winter beers for the winter crowd, and novelty beers for novelty events; ales for all seasons, basically.

The principle behind this activity can be condensed and applied to pretty much any business with sufficient core flexibility to promote more than one product line. It works just as well for a village cake shop as it does for a large brewery or an iGaming venture. The scale changes but the key themes remain the same. Find a trend with which to loosely identify, then do some networking, and strike some deals - adopt a light-footed stance and you might just be surprised at what can happen.

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