Shrinkflation - Over 2,500 products reduced in size but price remains the same

By rotide
Created 24/07/2017 - 20:12

My wife has been complaining about it for years so it is nice to know though annoying to have confirmed, that many of our foodstuffs and confectionary have reduced in size while the price remains the same.

The Office of National Statistics has confirmed that " Shrinkflation" has  been going on for some years with the prices and weight of over 2,500 products involved from the oddly shaped Toblerone where the gap between the mountain peaks has widened, to Mars bars, Snickers, Maltesers and the humble crisp.

Coffee brands are also subject to shrinkage as are toilet rolls, beer brands and fruit juices. The majority of the shrinkage does occur in food and drink categories however.

Collectively the ONS estimates the effect on inflation to be 1.22%

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