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By rotide
Created 19/12/2017 - 09:25
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Travelling around the world can be very exciting experience. Seeing new places and meeting new people are always nice things to do, and people love to discover exciting new places. Truth is that every person needs to relax and travel, in order to enjoy themselves and reenergizeLuxury Suites [1] at the Hotel Platinia in Cluj Napoca, Romania.

When you arrive at your destination, a good thing to do is to always keep your room key and hotel address close to you. That will come handy in case you have lost track of time and got lost somewhere on the pleasant streets in Cluj Napoca. Then you can always ask some of the locals for directions if you are unsure of the way and you can easily return to your hotel. You will definitely love your stay there if you visit Romania, because Hotel Platinia is the biggest luxury hotel in the country, with many superb facilities and top quality accommodation. Take advantage of that, visit the Luxury Suites and travel around the exciting country of Romania.

Hotel Platinia spreads across eleven floors and offers120 beautiful apartments where you can enjoy your luxurious holiday. Those that value comfort and luxury the most, will love the spacious penthouse with a wide terrace that offers panoramic views of the area. The luxury penthouse is located on the top floor and the views from its terrace are stunningly beautiful. All apartments in the hotel are modern and built with finest materials. Every room is equipped with top quality amenities such as a mini-bar, LED TV, coffee & tea making facilities and many others. In addition, for fitness enthusiasts, at Hotel Platinia you can enjoy sweating in the fitness room, relax in the sauna, or hold your business meetings in the specially designated meetings room. All in all, this is one of the finest hotels you can find in Romania, so it is advisable for you to visit it and enjoy the vacation of your dreams.

Visiting a new country is always exciting and Romania has plenty to offer. Charming towns, picturesque villages and many attractive hidden spots are just a few things you will find here. Cluj Napoca is a great place to be, so explore it and see what it has to offer. The best thing is that at the end of your holiday you will leave with long-lasting impressions that will make you want to return. Make your travel reservations today and enjoy a memorable holiday experience!


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