Auto Trader - Why It Still Remains At The Top

By rotide
Created 04/10/2018 - 16:54
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It's got a long history of providing the public with a plethora of used cars, and it's also very well known throughout the country. But why is this the case? What set of circumstances have made Auto Trader the giant it seems to be? Why does it consistently remain at the top? To try and answersome of these questions, we're going to be taking a look at Auto Trader, and seeing why it's still one of the top players in the used car industry.                                                                                      


One of the defining traits of any good organisation or company is their reliability. People look for those companies that are reliable when they try and find somewhere to frequent. And that's a big part of what makes Auto Trader such a popular site.

They've been known for a really long time among the used car community, and have become something that most people know about when they look for vehicles that aren't new and won't cost the Earth. It's a good reputation that's been built up, and one that has served Auto Trader well over the years.

Not Just Sales

It isn't just hard sales that make up the Auto Trader world, they have diversified and offered a whole host of different content over the years for people to read.

Advice, tips and instructional guides have all been posted onto the Auto Trader website, and this means that they have created a platform for people who need information as well as a used car. That's something which few companies bother to take the time to do, and it's helped them massively. Dale Gillespie from Jennings Motor Group [1] has said that ‘Auto Trader has become an essential part of the car dealer business model because as well as providing a platform for used vehicles, they also offer invaluable advice to inexperienced motorists or those who are new to the industry'.

When comparing Auto Trader to other sites, like for example Exchange and Mart [2], it's clear to see why they've remained at the top of the table. Yes, Exchange and Mart is a good site, but it lacks the widespread appeal to the same degree that AutoTrader does. 

Good Deals

If there's one thing that Auto Trader is known for, its providing good deals for people. One of the reasons why Auto Trader has remained at the top for so long, is because there's a consistent set of good deals on there that serves as a way of making sure people can find a motor vehicle that suits them. 

All in all, it's easy to see why Auto Trader has remained at the top of the league for many years. Even within the industry at large, one can't help but take notice of their presence. As well known and efficient individuals, it's easy to see exactly why people have taken to their site, again and again, to search for a vehicle for their lifestyle. The consistent provision of good quality vehicles and advice to motorists has been well received for many years, and it's evident that for many more, Auto Trader will continue to be useful.


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