Serverless to Dominate in the Next Decade

By rotide
Created 15/10/2018 - 08:45

A new report released by global research and thought leadership organisation, Leading Edge Forum, highlights why serverless infrastructure environments are set to become the dominant paradigm for enterprise technology deployments. Entitled _'Why the Fuss About Serverless?' _the report highlights how IT efficiency can be increased by up to 40% with a serverless infrastructure and makes recommendations for how companies should prepare now to ensure competitive advantage.

'Why The Fuss About Serverless?' provides an in-depth look at the benefits of serverless computing environments and their evolution from the Infrastructure as a Service cloud environments that so many companies already use today. The report is an essential guide for CTOs and IT Professionals to the benefits of serverless, the skills that will underpin its success in any organisation, the technical and strategic considerations.

Serverless computing allows enterprises to build and run applications without having to worry about the management or administration of servers. In short, it enables them to focus on simply writing the code for an application whilst the various cloud providers (AWS, Google Cloud, Azure etc) focus on the execution.

The report also examines how the serverless market has developed, the role of DevOps and the essential dependencies every CTO must consider when reviewing the direction of their future IT infrastructure.


the report makes comparisons with the way cloud technology was dismissed in its infancy, only to become common sight in the infrastructure of modern enterprises today - history is repeating itself.

A number of conclusions are drawn in the report on the future of the serverless market and its impact within organisations, including:

                * Serverless will significantly increase development speeds, often by more than 70%.

                * Serverless is an exponential change and it will take 5-10 years to become the norm for new application development.

                * Companies have no choice but to adopt serverless. It's not a question of if but when.

                * Sources of inertia to adopting serverless will include existing development practices and vendors. Some of these practices will include existing DevOps skills related to underlying infrastructure.

                * Infrastructure, containers and the more "operational" side of DevOps will become less important and less visible as serverless grows.

                * Amazon currently dominates the space and is likely to do so in the foreseeable future.

"Companies will have no choice but to adopt serverless," says Simon Wardley, Researcher at Leading Edge Forum and author of the report. "In the same way that cloud technology defied the naysayers, with vast quantities of applications, infrastructure and storage moving skyward, serverless is gaining momentum and will be the foundational technology architecture of every organisation over the next 10 years."

He continued, "This report shows clear examples of where industries are already moving to serverless infrastructures, and reaping the benefits.

It is time to start thinking about sunsetting private IaaS efforts over the next 5-10 years, and focus on developing skills such as DevOps that will be key component to running serverless infrastructure."

You can download the 'Why The Fuss About Serverless' report at:

https://leadingedgeforum.com/publication/why-the-fuss-about-serverless-report/ [1]

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