Campaign Management Tools: Software to Improve Your Marketing Results

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Created 16/03/2021 - 09:23

With marketing automation software outsourcing companies [1] cut all marketing expenses by 12.2%, increase sales productivity by 14.5%, and generate better ROI for business. 

In this article, Hanna Schnaider [2] shares a list of the best campaign management tools businesses can start using to double or triple their success in marketing campaigns. 

Let's dive into it. 

What are campaign management tools?

Campaign management is a process that allows business owners and organizations to effectively automate, plan, monitor, analyze and optimize their marketing campaigns. 

You can describe it as a systematic and strategic planning, tracking, execution, and analysis of a marketing initiative which sometimes may be centered on a new product launch or event. 

With the right campaign management tools in hand, you have a better understanding of your prospects and existing customers, helping you position your products or services in a way that promises great results.

According to a study, 90% of companies using campaign management tools to automate their marketing process confessed their marketing automation strategy to be successful. 

It basically helped them to streamline repetitive marketing processes - email, social media campaigns, and more - so they can focus on other strategic and innovative tasks.

Why do you need campaign management software?

As a marketing professional or business owner, it's quite impossible to keep track and manually manage all the moving pieces involved in creating a marketing campaign. 

Planning and creating marketing campaigns isn't only complex, it's quite laborious and difficult to accomplish without having the necessary tools in place. 

Let's say your brand decided to launch an advertising campaign to boost brand awareness of a certain product or service. Launching such a campaign would require that many things be put in place such as hiring or working alongside a creative agency to set up a social media or google ad. 

Afterward, you would be required to write an ad copy, define the target audience, coordinate social media ad extensions, selecting the appropriate social platforms, and more. 

Without having campaign management tools or software to organize all parts of this campaign, the campaign can appear as a "living hell." 

Campaign management software helps you integrate target market data with the existing information about a customer to create effective and well-tailored marketing campaigns while avoiding pitfalls and mistakes by breaking down the entire process into smaller achievable tasks.

In short, campaign management software can seamlessly do the following for you:

Essential features to look out for in your campaign management software

Before setting out to look for campaign management tools to help you streamline your next campaign effectively for best results, it's important to keep in mind these listed factors so you don't start reinventing the wheel all over again:

You want to select a marketing software that your team members can use quickly and easily. 

Some famous campaign management software has great and nice features but can be quite technical to use.

Make sure you choose a campaign management software that includes analytics so you can find out what messaging is working and how customers respond to your marketing campaigns.

Best Campaign Management Software - Top 6 Marketing Software

1. Email tools

Email marketing has an important role to play in your overall marketing success and can significantly determine the success of your marketing campaign. 

Here is a few email marketing software that has proven to be simple and effective to thousands of professionals and business experts across the world:


Used by thousands of reputable and leading companies in various countries in the world, HubSpot can be a great email marketing tool for satisfying the objectives of your businesses and customers. They have straightforward email marketing capabilities and can help you design custom emails with a drag-and-drop feature.

Cost: Hubspot offers a set of free marketing tools that small teams can use, but also have a premium version that incorporates SEO [3] and content creation tools with pricing starting at $800


This is a drag-and-drop email editor that does well with personalization. They offer a wide range of email templates that you can modify to create emails tailored to the needs and buying journey of your customers.

Cost: Free version for up to 2,000 contacts. Premium version at $30 per month for 2500 contacts

2. Project Management tools

These tools are crucial and inevitable throughout the campaign planning process and acts as an archive for all completed tasks. When you're completely inundated with a lot of duties, you can leverage these tools to make the work easier for your team:

Trello [4]

If you're a small team looking to utilize a project management tool, you can leverage this Kanban board-based tool easily. This tool allows you to use cards to organize workflows in different phases. 

Additionally, you can attach images and files to the cards, and invite your team to collaborate with you, making it more interactive.

Cost: Offers a free basic version and $9.99 Business class monthly payment.


This is an all-in-one project management tool to help you get your work done quite easily. It takes project management to the next level with native chats, and flexible project views including Kanban, calendar, portfolio, and table view.

Their major building blocks are action cards existing inside larger projects which allow teams to upload files, provide feedback, tag each other, or provide general commentary.

Cost: pricing starts at $12 per month for each user with a 14-day free trial

3. CRM Tools

Having a CRM tool helps keep the sales cycle and processes running smoothly and is ideal for managing customer relationships throughout the entire campaign.

Here are a few CRM tools to consider


Established in 1999, Salesforce provides an array of marketing automation, CRM, and analytics tools. The tool is versatile and very customizable and can be used for numerous things such as tracking customer journey and lifecycle leads during a campaign.

Cost: Pricing starts at $25 per month and can scale to $300 per user per month


Zoho automates sales tasks including prospects, leads, and account management, and can easily connect to Google Apps, MailChimp, Quick Books, and Microsoft Outlook. It's also a great tool for lead tracking, purchase control, and pipeline management. 

Cost: Pricing starts at $12 per user and goes up to $35 per user per month. 


Choosing the proper marketing campaign management software might be all you need to 10X the success of your marketing campaigns and automate those strenuous repetitive tasks. 

If you really want to join thousands of experts using this method to create strategic marketing that has proven to be successful over time, kindly contact Forty Seven Software professionals [5].


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