UK unemployment figures surprise analysts, May 7th, recruitment ,hospitality industry,pubs restaurants

By rotide
Created 20/04/2021 - 08:45

The UK unemployment figures for the three months to the end of February came in at 4.9%, slightly lower than the previous quarter's 5%, with most forecasters looking for it to go the other way.

With the beginning of the end in sight for pub's restaurants and the hospitality industry in general,  there are more jobs being advertised to fill vacant positions now and when the next lockdown deadline of May 17th, eases restrictions and normalises the situation even more.

However, very much in the mix still is the question of furloughing. With around 5 million workers still on furlough and their jobs by no means existing when furloughing comes to an end, this looks set to rise. However, with the unemployment forecast in mid pandemic last year, looking to hit a year end 2020 of 9%, furloughing has done its job, with the economy taking and continuing to take the strain.

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