Bird & Blend Tea Co. the UK’s leading independent tea mixologists launches its EquiTEA crowdfunding campaign

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Created 16/08/2021 - 11:29
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Since its launch in 2013, the brand, which boasts a range of over 100 teas, has opened 13 stores across the UK, built a successful ecommerce site, partnered with 150+ wholesale, and is loved by its loyal customer base who passionately engage with the brand's unique blend of caring for people and planet, alongside profit.

Investors large and small will support the Bird & Blend Tea Co [1]. vision to spread happiness and reimagine tea, championing the concept of tea mixology, by funding the growth in its omnichannel brand, new store openings on the high street, and delivery of meaningful and impactful ethical and sustainably led initiatives.  The brand seeks to raise in excess of £500,000.

Now employing over 125 across its stores, headquarters, and ecommerce site, having begun life with just 2, its founders Krisi and Mike, packing tea in a back bedroom, it is projected to turnover +£30m over the next 3 financial years.

The global pandemic has shaken the retail sector, but with challenge comes opportunity.  Whilst ecommerce has flourished, there is still a huge role for traditional retail to play in the new hybrid world.  If bricks and mortar businesses want to succeed, they need to do more than adapt to the current environment, they need to think ahead, and think differently, whilst aligning with its online strategy. 

Mike Turner, Co-Founder & Managing Director of Bird & Blend Tea Co. said, "Customer experience is at the heart of everything we do. Alongside the fast growth of the digital side of our business, we're proudly continuing to invest in local high streets too. We see our stores as not just retail spaces, but as community hubs where customers can come to make connections with one another and our team, and enjoy interacting with our teas. For us, there will always be a place for magical in-person experiences."

Bird & Blend Tea Co. opened 3 new stores and launched a new website during the pandemic, and by doing so, proved its knowledge of its customer.  Consumers generally, including their own, are increasingly seeking rich experiences, across both digital and physical retail, and so funds raised, informed with the knowledge gained in the last 12months, will enable;

Krisi Smith, Co-Founder and Creative Director, Bird and Blend Tea Co. said of the EquiTEA [2] raise "Creating amazing experiences for people on both sides of the counter has always been a core part of our mission, and this raise will enable an even richer one.

"Whilst tea itself is at the core of our business, the planet & people on it are just as important as the financial profit.  A proportion of this raise is ring-fenced for sustainability projects, which is a huge priority for the whole Bird & Blend Tea Co. family.  Spreading happiness through tea isn't just a statement, it's a manifesto our people live by, and we're excited to build our business further with previous and new investors keen to help us spread that happiness further."

Click here for more information on Bird and Blend Tea's  EquiTEA r [3]aise

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