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6 Ways to Capture Sentiment Towards your Small Business

By Rob Straathof, the CEO of Liberis, a major source of alternative finance for SMEs.

Going, Going, Gone !

A new generation of wealthy young people are discovering the world of auctions, say Barnebys, the art search engine

Starling bank to open for business in early 2017

New Business discusses the creation of the Starling bank with its founder Anne Boden, the new bank arriving on the “block” shortly.

Will Bitcoin Replace Gold?

In times of uncertainty Gold has traditionally been the investors panic fall back, has Bitcoin replaced this knee jerk investment?

Defence Leads the Way on Small Business Engagement

The MOD simplifies the way that SME’s can bid for contracts worth over £800 million

Is your finance team making an impact

Could your finance team be making more of an impact than it currently is?

Bridging finance sector increases from £750m to £4bn in space of 5 years

The bridging finance industry in the UK is now worth a reported £4 billion per year, explains news site Techround.

Tune up your investment strategy

For private investors but also for foundations, high-quality string instruments can be an intriguing investment

The New Polymer Note: what does it mean for the future of cash?

By Ewan Ogilvie, MD of Your Cash Europe Ltd, a pan European ATM provider with 5000 cash machines across the UK, Netherlands, Belgium and Ireland.

Online Currency Trading with Brokers like XTrade

Online currency trading has become fashionable in recent years and its popularity has seen a recent spike due to the possibility to trade whenever and wherever.

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