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Will Power graphic.jpg

Will power - by Natalie Payne, assistant solicitor at Mackrell Turner Garrett’s private client team

Will you be affected by changes to the inheritance tax threshold?

Expert View - Iain Gray of MSC R&D

An explanation as to how the Government Patent Box initiative can save your company money

Businesses excited by 3D printing potential, but relaxed about risks

3D printing throws up some Intellectual Property counterfeiting risks, that need to be cosnsidered

Largest Finance Bill in History Hopefully the Last Hurrah for Tax Policy Proliferation

This rate of change and quantity of additional legislation will make life more complex for taxpayers and tax advisers alike.

10 considerations when starting your own law firm

The continuing advancement of cloud technology and the new ownership regulation means it has never been easier to start a law firm.

The 9 essentials of doing due diligence on a business you intend to buy

Due diligence is a tool to manage a deal process and often gets ignored while people focus on the “excitement” of the deal.

The royal seal of approval

The Institute of Trade Mark Attorneys (ITMA) became the Chartered Institute of Trade Mark Attorneys (CITMA), following the unveiling of its Royal Charter

What you need to know before selling a house in probate

Selling a probate house is not the most straightforward of tasks. There are many documents that you have to gather before the process can begin

You probably have £1000s of (personal & business) digital assets – but what will happen to them?

In a recent survey PWC estimated that UK households have more than £25bn in digital assets.

Legally Yours

Who owns your business logo? By Sheren Thiara from the Outsourcing, Technology and Commercial Department at Wright Hassall LLP

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