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Shaken, not stirred - alcohol producers clear industry regulatory hurdles

While some claim that alcohol producers do not provide the right information on bottles, in reality this isn’t the case

Some relief for employers as the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme is extended

By Rob Whitaker Executive Partner and head of employment law at Tees

COVID-19: Where do you stand if you have contracts with others under current circumstances?

By Amanda Hamilton, CEO of National Association of Licenced Paralegals (NALP)

New measures to protect UK High Street from aggressive rent collection and closure

Landlords and investors asked to work collaboratively with high street businesses unable to pay their bills during Covid-19 pandemic

How to work with freelancers without leaving your IP exposed

One of the biggest risks businesses face when hiring freelancers is the potential risk to their intellectual property

Clarifying consumer rights when it comes to returning products - by Amanda Hamilton, CEO of NALP

The festive season might seem like a dim memory by now, but the chances are there’s still some ‘aftermath’ to deal with

Can I make a personal injury claim against my employer?

After suffering an accident at work, many victims worry about the repercussions of making a personal injury claim against their employer

The link between leadership and fraud

A fundamental – yet often overlooked – influencing factor of fraud within any business is its leadership.

IPSE: Lloyds IR35 decision is “bad for contractors and bad for business”

Lloyds Banking Group’s decides to either scrap contractors or force them into umbrella companies.

How to check if a UK Company is Legitimate

Dealing with any company for the first time can prove risky, particularly if they first approached you.

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