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Building on tradition – The Freemasons

New Business sits down with the CEO of the Freemasons Dr David Staples and head of the United Grand Lodge of England

Former para-athlete calls for overhaul of disabled customer’s experiences

A former para-athlete turned fashion designer is calling on businesses to improve the customer experience for people with disabilities.

5 ways a Mastermind Group can benefit your business

Neil Davis, Managing Director of dedicated mastermind membership organisation, Sterling Advance

Forensic Risk Alliance (FRA) launches FRA Pulse

New technology think tank for forward-thinking tech industry entrepreneurs

The Black British Business Awards announce month-long celebration of Black British community

This year’s celebration will culminate a landmark year in history for racial equity and showcase the outstanding achievements, resolve and dedication of the Black British community.

Gifting harmony back to silenced choirs across the nation

Innovative app supports choral singers in their practice (whilst physically apart)

New Business discusses the shoe business with Exe Nwaka of Leather and Cotton London Shoes

We look at a young and inspired entrepreneur who is proving that hard work and mental stamina pays off

Rebel with a cause

Entrepreneur launches cricket and plant protein shakes. Tim Boote is committed to putting nutritious and sustainable proteins into the nation’s diets

Turnover – What turnover ?

The Office of National Statistics (ONS) put out some interesting statistics today on SME turnover broken down into periods since Covid -19 changed life as we know it.

Sara Davies the youngest Dragon - Cover Interview New Business Magazine Autumn Edition

The executive producer at the time said they thought I’d be brilliant but I was too nice, so I had to be more dragon-y

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