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How two SMEs in the confectionery sector capitalise on seasonal occasions

New Business takes a look at the seasonal effect on two businesses who sell higher end,mouth-watering confectionary

Virgin StartUp-backed company to build world’s first modular artificial reef and marine habitat

The UK is not widely known for its reef systems but will be soon thanks to Arc Marine

Women driving the freelance growth on International Women’s Day

International Women’s day is marked by a series of events around the world celebrating the successes of women across the globe.

On Their Way - Susan Burton and Clare Wright co-founders of Classlist

Classlist, described as “the world’s first virtual school gate”, the first service offering an online parent to parent community

On Their Way - Manu Bhardwaj of Durham Rose the bespoke diamond ring business

The business didn't ring any bells with the Dragons but sure did with the public

New Business talks to Stuart Mason, founder of Spa Tap

The Dragons washed their hands of Spa Tap, a major success everywhere else though

Habits of Millionaires: 5 ways to set yourself up for success

Are you disappointed by what you achieved last year? Many people will look back at what happened and think “if only!”

Aron Gelbard, co-founder of Bloom & Wild

Bloom & Wild send gorgeous bunches of flowers - at bud stage, through the mail

Niklas and Mattis Oppermann, founders of the consumer and business-ware leather company - Oppermann

Makers of high quality but affordable leatherware for business and personal use

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