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BT and Ofcom reach agreement on future governance of Openreach

Openreach to be a legally separate company within BT with its own Board and brand without the BT logo. Approx 32,000 employees to switch

BT updates markets on losses in Italian business and impact on the Group

Losses in BT's Italian business exceed first estimations markets advised as to extent of mis-management in Italian operation

Phone fraud

Counting the cost of voicemail hacking that costs business billions yearly

BT goes to war over nuisance calls

BT identifies the high volume instigators of nuisance calls and takes steps to block them from reaching their target consumers

How to ensure your business telecoms give you a stress-free Christmas and New Year

The Christmas season is almost upon – and if you run a business you need to think about your telecoms over the festive season, and not leave the planning (like the shopping!) until the last minute.

Mobile Connectivity Costs North American and European Businesses at Least £2.19B Per Year

iPass report highlights lack of visibility businesses into connectivity and the cost of free Wi-Fi

10 reasons why your company phone number is important

There's a certain school of thought that the business phone number is, if not exactly dead, certainly on life support.

Think you’ve wiped your phone? Think again.

by Amir Shani, Director, Mobile Lifecycle Products, Cellebrite

How cellular integrations benefit business

While business in the modern era is often conducted through email, the tried and tested phone call is still a dependable, necessary way to keep customers and clients in the loop.

Three common mistakes to avoid when using collaboration software

By Monica Visconti-Patel, Director of EMEA and Marketing at RingCentral

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