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Business Advice for all UK firms from starting a business to flotation

Latest International Trade Features

Foreign Exchange Tips for Corporate Clients

Foreign exchange is a vital issue for internationally-trading businesses. Even a slight exchange rate fluctuation can make a definite impact on profitability

Empowering UK corporates

British business is having to cope with circumstances beyond its control while trying to shape an uncertain future.

Cut the Cost of Doing Business Abroad

Working efficiently and cost effectively while working and travelling abroad

Canagan- a family run business putting the bite in the international pet food market

Following its launch in the UK in 2012, Canagan has enjoyed a successful four years selling its high quality products across 35 countries.

ICC and CBI launch business guide to tackle Brexit uncertainty

The ICC and CBI have come together to publish a critical guide aimed at helping small and medium-sized businesses in the UK navigate Brexit.

3E Accounting - Tech Savvy Leading One-Stop Solution Corporate Service Provider That Promotes Work Life Balance

Get in touch with the experts if you are considering opening a business in Singapore

UK SMEs facing £34.6bn US election currency risk

World First’s Q3 2016 Global Trade Barometer shows that UK SMEs are failing to protect themselves from the uncertainty of the US presidential election

CommonwealthFirst starts search for second cohort of UK Export Champions

Recruitment for the second cohort of Commonwealth Export Champions has started

Trading Places

How digital B2B platforms can open your business to new markets, not least the Commonwealth.

Approved Partners

Share knowledge and experience with other businesses