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Utilising the data explosion: Online data collection key for businesses looking to prosper in 2021

To benefit from the increased amount of data online, businesses need to collect and analyse the most impactful data that will improve the customer experience and increase growth

Resilience and more resilience

Patrice Archer, founder and CEO OF Appy Ventures discusses the consequences to business of the pandemic, with New Business

The Minimum Effective Management approach – the easy way to do a hard job

In Pharmacology, the minimum effective dose (MED) is defined as the lowest dose of a drug that will provide a significant response in efficacy

Steps for creating a Covid safety toolkit for small businesses

By Marta Kalas, co-founder of Thomson Screening, developers of the Thomson Covid-19 Test

What the surface of the moon can teach us about leadership in the Covid era, surface of the moon ,NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab,

By Andrew Pollard Director of Falkirk-based business consultancy Ahead Business Consulting.

Start up Loans partners with the Open University to offer a range of free business learning courses

The partnership offers a tailored set of courses aimed at new, established and aspiring business people

Only 25% of change management initiatives are successful in the long-term – and here’s why

Time and again we see that most transformations fail to achieve their stated outcomes.

Why CRM is the key to remote working success

As it stands, we don’t know and cannot control how long the COVID-19 pandemic will last, but we can control how we respond

How managers can help their team adjust to big changes

No matter how successful your organisation is, odds are you’ll have to make big changes around the office sooner or later.

New Government funded programme supporting small businesses kicks off in Sheffield

The Small Business Charter partners with BEIS to launch the new Small Business Leadership Programme

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