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Practical Advice for Start-up Success

Half of UK start-up businesses never make their fifth birthday.

Why Customers Should Come First in A New Business

As a new business owner, there are so many factors that you need to consider to ensure the longevity of your business.

Rio Paralympic Games

British charity Kit Us Out supplies much needed support for developing nations in Rio Paralympic games

A City Law Firm – Managing Director Karen Holden discusses the post Brexit landscape

Here are the highlights of a recent interview with the Managing Director, Karen Holden, as she says, “Stay calm, look at the potential opportunities and adapt your business”.

Is the government doing enough to encourage new businesses?

It is in the interest of the UK government to keep the country’s economy in a healthy state and a primary way of doing this is to encourage and support businesses, both large and small.

UK Co-operative Sector: Surge in Membership and Robust Financial Performance Revealed

Tremendous gain in co-operative membership seen in last 5 years

The Business of Healing

Anne Jones aka AJ Pengelly, author of ‘Master of the Keys’ has been working, and earning a living, as a spiritual healer and teacher for over twenty years.

STEM’s male dominated industry puts women off entering the sector, says Milkround and SMRS research

Stem Industries (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)are perceived by women job seekers to be male dominated sectors

Zendesk plans integration of crowdsourced volunteer model into its software and partnership with Be My Eyes

Zendesk, Inc. has announced a partnership with Be My Eyes to provide business mentorship, resources and a financial contribution to the socially conscious startup,

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