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Selling isn’t just for salespeople: how to unleash your people’s potential

By Isobel Rimmer, Author and founder of Masterclass Training

Video Marketing – Building your brand

By Eight Engines, the specialists in marketing campaigns containing effective promotional video content

Reposition and Remain Positive

5 Essential Questions: Adapt your business to the new reality

It’s a good moment to be working on your business PR. Here’s why.

By Chantal Cooke, author and founder of Panpathic Communications

How brands can enter The Experience Economy successfully

We’ve all heard the familiar birthday refrain 'It’s not about STUFF, it’s about the experience'

Top Marketing Strategies for Business Growth

Starting a business is never the hardest part of running a venture. Once you have set up your store, you have to find clients and keep them, which is quite hectic

Getting customers to love your business this Valentine’s Day

Shops and businesses can expect to see many more couples on February 14th than they do on a regular Friday.

5 marketing techniques you no longer need an agency for

When it comes to your business, you want to make sure that you have top-notch advertising techniques in place to ensure it is seen by the right customers.

Great Ideas for Custom Neon Signs

So you’re getting a neon sign. That’s great, but coming up with a good idea can be incredibly tricky, especially if you’re not the most creative person

Superbowl: King of Defying Advertising Trends

Since the adoption of the internet as our main source of media consumption, television, and subsequently, television advertising has taken a hit

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