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Campaign Management Tools: Software to Improve Your Marketing Results

Creating a marketing campaign can be a laborious and strenuous task without an effective campaign management software to help automate the process.

Why Branding is Key in Business

Branding is very important in helping you shape and refine the concept of your company. Find out more about why it is so key here.

Why you shouldn’t ditch your marketing plans until prospects are clearer

It’s easy to assume amidst so much uncertainty and doom and gloom that prospects are grim and that the best option is to hide under a rock until the situation passes.

What steps are needed now to make sure your drinks brand has an amazing 2021? - by Richard Horwell, owner Brand Relations

The key time for soft drinks to sell is in the warmer months from Easter to September

Top 5 mistakes in lead generation - What everyone got wrong this year

As we transition into 2021, it's time to leave behind major lead generation mistakes many of us have been making.

New Business discusses the beleaguered events industry with Philip Mayling co-founder of events tech platform VenuIQ

We look at the innovative ways the industry is coping with pandemic conditions while live events are just not possible.

Top reasons why corporates shouldn’t be so dismissive of virtual events

For millions of businesses, 2020 was meant to be a year of growth and development, with the new decade igniting a real sense of positive change in the air.

BuddyCRM Unveils New Email Marketing Module to Help Businesses Bounce Back from COVID-19

The new module is the latest feature to be unveiled by the leading CRM provider, enabling users to implement pre-existing email marketing templates

Why your brand story is your most powerful asset

By Natasha Spencer-Jolliffe founder and co-director of Roaring Content and Lion Spirit Media

Innovative Digital Marketing Analytics Platform Expands Team to Help Drive Industry Change

Beacon, who specialise in digital marketing analytics, has expanded its team with the appointment of a new Digital Marketing Manager

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