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High Fliers

Bumper year of sport to boost air charter industry in 2021

A Guide to a Better Commute to Work

Commuting is not that great because it tends to be uncomfortable and annoying. But you have the chance of multitasking in your busy life.

Cleared for takeoff

Microsoft and Asobo Studio release an untethered flight simulation experience that promises a chance to explore a completely mapped digital earth, in a time we are unable to venture out in to our own

Tips to Travel Safely During COVID-19

It’s no secret that the world has changed forever after the global COVID-19 pandemic.

GMB London and Back Heathrow campaign calls for decisive action by the government to save the aviation industry

The aviation industry is in deep crisis and time is running out for the government to act.

UK ECC reports a surge in airline flight cancellation advice

Corona Virus related travel refund queries at the highest level for ten years.

COVID-19 - What are your Refund Rights?

If like so many over the world you and your travel plans have been affected by the current COVID-19 pandemic then it is time to do some research into your rights.

‘Eyes in the skies’ smart device set to revolutionise in-flight medical events

Avoiding unnecessary diversions could save airline industry millions each year

Interview - Paul Williams, a representative from Global Great Hotels

As part of our ongoing research into the holiday industry

How to Make the Most of Business Travel

You might relish the opportunity to visit different places and stay in nice hotels, but many find travelling for business to be an unavoidable inconvenience.

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