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3 great ways to add value to your property - In collaboration with Ale Brunelli

Spending money on the family home while increasing the overall value

Basingstoke Built for Business

Basingstoke is a town that is in the right place: in a great location and strong position to deliver its full potential

Waterstones Deception: Chains dressing up as independent shops “Threaten Real Independents”

UK Leading book shop chain ditches name to trade on perceived independent preference

FCA Targets Unprincipled Finance Brokers as Candidates for Reform

The FCA declares war on unregulated,unprincipled and most importantly unauthorised lenders and hopes to remove them as an option.

Regus Expands Successful Partnership with Heathrow Airport

Regus network of 3,000 office locations expands further into Heathrow

Using Property Portfolio Software to Make Investments Soar

Practically every investor knows that the most solid opportunities around are those made of bricks and mortar.

Your Essential Guide for Renting a Commercial Property

Renting out a commercial property is very different to renting out a residential one, so what do you need to know?

Workspace Pioneer Spaces Launches Glasgow Site

Contemporary co-working hub to open on city’s Bath Street

Regus opens at 63 St Mary Axe

Global workspace provider opens new flexible space in the Square Mile London

When Your New Business Needs Premises

Moving Office what are the considerations?

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