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Record £2m back pay identified for 13,000 of the UK’s lowest paid workers

Government names and shames companies failing to pay Living Wage

Breaking Down the Glass Ceiling Culture

Bridging the gender pay gap by Ann Francke, CEO, Chartered Management Institute

How to create an effective office file management system

To achieve a perfect file management system, one requires certain equipment.

Distractions hit home for UK professionals

Regus survey identifies biggest challenges to home office productivity

Tackling inactive working culture: office design and management, the first steps

Half of British workers would be more active at work if they knew about the effects on long-term health

The winners of International Safety Awards 2017 are announced

This year, 531 organisations from around the world, of all sizes and sectors, won a British Safety Council International Safety Award

Diamond celebration for the British Safety Council

British Safety Council launches a special offer to support small organisations and charities

Workspace Pioneer Spaces to Launch Brighton Site

Contemporary co-working hub to open in city’s Trafalgar Place

Are you getting the best from your owls and larks? - by Richard Morris, CEO Regus UK

Workplace flexibility is no longer regarded as a perk – rather, it is expected

How Can A Minimalist Workspace Help Boost Productivity-

A cluttered environment can cloud your brain and lead to inefficiencies in the work place.In collaboration with Storebox

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