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Benefits of Having a Coffee Machine at the Office

There are certain things that employees expect to find in their offices. A decent coffee machine is definitely one of those things!

First of a kind Virtual Coffee Machine app with social meeting moments to support workforce wellbeing in a remote workplace

Powell Software’s first in a series of wellbeing technology innovations help remote employees socially connect with colleagues and keep the workplace culture alive

British safety council pushes for workplace control response to new COVID variant

British Safety Council calls for Government health campaign urging employers to improve workplace controls to help combat new COVID variant

Powered by purpose

Why purpose is the key to a better future - Sarah Rozenthuler, author of Powered by Purpose: Energise your people to do great work

Small businesses risk losing their best talent due to technology frustrations

Over a quarter of European small business workers would switch jobs to somewhere better equipped for remote working

The Impact of the Remote Working Trend on Businesses

In light of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, many businesses have been forced to switch to a ‘work from home’ approach.

London's West End welcomed 5.1 million visitors since 15th June, down 73% year on year

The West End is at risk of £5 billion sales loss, putting over 50,000 jobs at risk

Ask these 5 questions before moving your company's office

Is your company thinking about moving into a new office location?

Review 60 Sec Desk – Chris Westcott Director New Business

Receiving a package to review from the guys at Clever Closet, clearly labelled 60 Sec Desk, is a little unnerving to be honest

Creating workplace camaraderie when people are working in different places

By Craig Bulow, founder of Corporate Away Days, a corporate wellbeing events company

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