James, we are here to talk Crypto and specifically your Koda Token project but outside of Bruno Mars, there aren't many people whose stated ambition is to be a billionaire. Where did it all start?

In school I used to sell sweets, and pokemon cards, I set up a car washing business and bought and sold rubbish in the early eBay days!

I looked up to my uncle, a successful banker who worked in stocks and shares during the 80s and I was just always interested in earning money, earning more than the person next to me.

Did you arrive at uni with a clear business plan already formulated for when you left?

I went to uni knowing that I wanted to start a business specifically to study business and management, in what field was the question.

In year 3 I came up with the idea of starting up a company to rival the industry leading pest control companies. This became JG Environmental, which was registered from my flat in Leeds and by the end of that year, the website was built and I had worked out my supply chain and marketing plan.

Bitcoin arrives, over ten years ago and makes millionaires of early adopters that stuck with it despite constant negative press, but when did Crypto and Blockchain technology arrive on your radar?

It was first on my radar around late 2016 or early 2017 when a friend's girlfriend was asking me whether I had considered investing in some of the bigger cryptos, as she began to explain what the blockchain consisted of!

I didn't invest till a bit later, and it wasn't till much later that I had the time to research the crypto world and following this I dived in head first. I often regret not getting in sooner, but at least I got in when I did.

How long did it take to create Koda Cryptocurrency and what were you looking to achieve?

The idea for Koda I knocked around for some weeks as I was looking into how to make it a reality. It was mid-late May when I launched Koda and began to spread the word to family and friends. The initial realisation for me was that so many people who were not into crypto before were really interested in the project, if only because of their relationship with me, so I wanted to get more people involved and share this beautiful technology. I came up with our aim of ‘Crypto the un-cryptoed' and TEE was formulated shortly after. This provides the basis of everything we do, thus promoting Trust, Education, and Ease of use. These are the 3 main barriers I could see to people getting involved with crypto in the first place. It was natural to me to follow this dream, invest my own money and time in this project and be an example to the crypto space, maybe showing something that hasn't been done before, at least not quite as transparent as how we are doing it, and not by a real business with real people and originating from London.

Ok I am sold! How do we buy Koda Cryptocurrency and what is the relationship between Summit Swap and Koda token?

Koda is available on PancakeSwap which is a decentralised swap platform, you will need first to acquire BNB (binance) coin to buy it, we have help guides on the website and you will need a digital wallet to store Koda or any other coin you acquire.

SummitSwap is our flagship app, due to be released later this year as our plan is to become the most used swap platform, and take market share from the likes of PancakeSwap, so you can expect Koda to be removed from PancakeSwap in the not so distant future as we move to support our platform. SummitSwap has a whole host of improvements, including an iOS and Android app, and the implementation of our TEE model that makes the process easier to understand and provides information on what you are trading as your level of expertise increases. This will allow you to make more informed and guided trading decisions.

How does an investor see day to day pricing ?

With the massive rise in scam projects, the like of CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap have increased their barriers to being listed, and it takes some time to prove and become accepted onto their platforms, we spent countless days working with both of these to achieve the status we have now and become fully listed. You can view the current value of Koda on our website or on these tracking sites. It is always good to use more than one as sometimes they can have a glitch, we have listed many on our charts page.

Has to be said that the Crypto world is a volatile one, with reputable forecasters and investors talking the markets's heavweight crypto Bitcoin, currently nudging US$47,000 ( end Aug 21) simultaneously down to US$10,000 and up to around US$ 300,000 over time. How do you see cryptocurrencies developing over the next 5-10 years?

Crypto is becoming more and more recognised across the world every day, it is certainly volatile as it is still so new, and governments, country law and banking systems see it as a huge threat. It will take some time to have proper regulations, but I see a future where people will trade in cryptocurrency for day-to-day goods and services as common place in the next 10-25 years. Within five years providing there is nothing to stop it dead in the tracks and I would expect most solid crypto currencies to have increased significantly in value.

And the future for Koda token?

We are setting out to be one of the cryptocurrencies people use for every day type purchases and providing utility across our apps, so within five years' time we will be a household name, and SummitSwap will be the number 1 trading platform. 

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