MicroSalt, the revolutionary patented technology that "delivers natural salt with 50% less sodium"  has announced the launch of its Primary Bid offer as a precursor to its AIM IPO, aiming to raise a total of £10 to £15 million. This initiative presents private investors with a rare opportunity to invest pre-IPO, with a cap of £2.5 million on the aggregate value of new Shares available at the Offer Price through the PrimaryBid Offer.

MicroSalt, operational since 2018, is revolutionising the food market with its patented low-sodium salt technology. Unlike common sodium-reduced salt alternatives laden with potassium chloride that imparts a metallic taste, MicroSalt retains the authentic salty flavour due to its micron-sized particles that enhance adhesion to food and dissolve faster, delivering the same salty satisfaction with about half the sodium content.

The global market, spotlighting health-centric products, aligns perfectly with MicroSalt's mission to combat the global health challenge of excess sodium consumption. The Primary Bid offer is a monumental step towards amplifying the companys market presence, accelerating sales, marketing, and expanding product lines and manufacturing facilities.

Investors can access the Primary Bid Offer through PrimaryBid's website, app, and an extensive network of retail brokers, wealth managers, and investment platforms, including AJ Bell and Hargreaves Lansdown. Applications from tax-efficient savings vehicles such as ISAs or SIPPs, as well as General Investment Accounts (GIAs), are welcomed with a minimum application amount of £500 per investor, and no commission charged by PrimaryBid on applications to the PrimaryBid Offer.

MicroSalt has been at the forefront of delivering a healthier salt alternative without compromising taste. With a proven track record since 2018, MicroSalt is well-positioned to enter the booming $28.5 billion salt market, offering a real salt, low sodium solution without any bitter after taste, ideal for use in a variety of food products.