It has certainly been a trendsetter in this current day and age and following on from its inception, several other forms of cryptocurrency then joined the scene. Even a lite version of Bitcoin was made that is known as Litecoin and it was another great stepping-stone in the world of cryptocurrency. After this, a whole new world of opportunity arose.

More cryptocurrencies arrived on the scene, supporting apps, programs became far more available than ever before and you can even access one of these apps when you head to the Bitcoin Up Login. However, it is essential to understand that though Bitcoin is good,  it isn't the only cryptocurrency around right now, and many others are just as credible as Bitcoin. Professionals themselves will say that it is never ideal to put all of your eggs in one basket, but that leaves many people researching and seeking other investable opportunities in the cryptocurrency markets.

Here are two other great forms of cryptocurrency that are currently performing well and are worth looking at when you're considering investing in cryptocurrency.


This is a form of cryptocurrency that many people aren't actually aware of despite how good it actually is. It was created and backed by plenty of research with an in-depth approach by engineers, mathematicians, and cryptography experts. Funnily enough, Cardano was actually co-founded by Charles Hoskinson, one of the five initial founding members of the booming cryptocurrency Ethereum.

He became upset and disheartened when he saw the direction that Ethereum was taking so he decided to leave and that was when Cardano was created. Essentially, people like Cardano because it is backed so heavily by experience, research and scientific formulas and is an attractive currenct to invest in. It is said that the in-depth research is the reason behind its rapid success that  is essentially the backbone of the entire cryptocurrency.

In years to come, Cardano is definitely a cryptocurrency to look out for.

Bitcoin Cash

One to keep in mind and to consider for your potential crypto portfolio is Bitcoin Cash. It was one of the first on the scene and also one of the most successful hard forks of Bitcoin and still remains this up to the current day. Bitcoin Cash has played a  significant part in the history of altcoins and is one of the main reasons they are still successful.

In the world of cryptocurrency, a fork takes place when debates and arguments commence between the miners and developers and both sides are looking for an agreed outcome that cannot always be reached. In these circumstances  a digital currency is then split, the original chain remains true to its original code and the new chain then begins life as a new version of the prior coin, complete with changes to its code.