Factotum supports growth, reduces business anxiety of owners and investors, and fills the gap of expertise and time capacity limitations of businesses in house.

Factotum -  a disruptive business and professional services outsourcing firm -  is the first outsourcing firm in the UK to  provide a comprehensive range of services under one roof which include:

  • Accountancy, Payroll and Business Strategy
  • IT Managed Services
  • Data Analytics
  • Marketing and PR
  • Talent Acquisition
  • HR
  • ESG Consultancy and B-Corp Advisory

Founded in 2020, Factotum was established to support all the back-office services a business may require. Traditionally, these are provided by multiple service providers, which is inefficient, costly and with little flexibility. Despite challenging timing, launching weeks before the pandemic, Factotum now provides a wide range of services to assist at all stages of the business life cycle, providing an agile and flexible approach to running a business. It offers a range of client contracts, including retainers, project-based fees and workshops. This means Factotum can scale their services up and down and change what they do for businesses, depending on their needs. Business owners no longer have to search for advice and support. Factotum also work with private equity-owned businesses to help increase their value by converting back-office costs from fixed to variable, while building in flexibility. Founder and CEO of Factotum - Bobby Lane - is a chartered accountant and was a pioneer of the UK's first award-winning accountancy outsourcing service for SMEs. The firm was sold to HG Capital-backed Azets in 2017.

Bobby Lane, comments:

"The traditional and inflexible model of fixed costs for the provision of the back-office services that a business needs is outdated. Factotum is shaking up the ‘old-school' approach of running a business to ensure better financial and operational efficiency without service levels being compromised. One of the biggest barriers to the growth of businesses is they are hampered by inflexible costs, which affects profitability. Increasingly, businesses are recognising that they need to be more in control and not  restricted by a significant cost base that does not generate revenue and is not able to  grow with the business.

The knowledge gap, as well as limited time capacity in-house can also affect business  performance. Factotum takes these challenges away from the company's business owner and senior management so that they can concentrate on the areas they do  best. This works well for both independent companies and those owned by private equity. Flexibility and efficiency drive productivity, profitability, and value."

Debbie Webster, Global CEO,  Sassoon, comments:

"Factotum has helped us so much; they are available to us 24/7. They feel like an extension of the team, and to us, that is very important. They have helped us with our HR, payroll, international accounting and bookkeeping. Now they are helping us with the launch of The House of Sassoon. We have really found there is nothing they can't help us with."

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