Gareth has created Rhymeology, which through the power of "lyrical marketing", offers businesses a different way to get creative and promote themselves. Gareth has successfully built a second career after turning to poetry in lockdown.

Eureka Moment

Living undiagnosed with ADHD until 38, I sensed my unique approach to problem-solving early on. My intuitive, inventive solutions transformed challenges into opportunities, feeling almost innate. This creative perspective allowed a seamless transition into poetry, or "lyrical marketing," enabling me to interact with the world in a uniquely multifaceted way and uncover novel solutions.


Venturing into the realm of freelance poetry, as one might envision, necessitates minimal financial investment. However, establishing a brand identity, crafting compelling graphics, and generating a buzz around my work required substantial funding. These necessary endeavours were financially supported by the earnings from my construction company, along with other personal funds.


Throughout my writing journey, I've been fortunate to receive tremendous support at local, national, and even international levels. My collaborations with clients have consistently culminated in success. However, I recognize that the path ahead might not always be smooth. Instead of harbouring regrets, my earnest hope is that my work will captivate and inspire even more individuals to collaborate with me.

What would you have changed?

The only change I would make would pertain to the internal conflict I've experienced regarding the allocation of my energy between businesses. The turmoil surrounding which venture deserves the most dedication and effort, is something I would ideally wish to amend.