Eureka moment?

I remember it clearly! Standing in my kitchen, I picked up my bag of kibble and read the ingredients. Having been a nutrition geek since the age of 14, I knew what constituted a wholesome diet. What I read on the back of that pack clearly wasn't real food. 

I was horrified. Even with an expert level understanding of nutrition, I had never questioned the accepted norm of feeding highly processed, synthetic food to dogs. At that moment, I decided my dogs deserved better. All dogs deserved better! I had found a gaping hole in the market. Fresh, quality, natural dog food. Real food for real dogs!


I self-funded PDR from the beginning. I used my savings and worked every hour. Thankfully, we were in profit after year one and this has increased every year since.


Only one. That I didn't start ProDog sooner. Our canine population had been sold short for decades; if I had realised earlier, then perhaps more dogs would have the opportunity to live their best lives and my own boy Phoenix would have reached his life expectancy.

I'm not a person who spends energy looking back though.  I keep my focus forward; on our PDR vision, helping 50% of all dogs in the UK thrive through natural nutrition by 2025. That's what gets me out of bed in the morning (very early)!

What would you have changed?

Business is a learning experience, personally and professionally. As every business owner can relate, I've made decisions along the way which haven't turned out the way I wanted, yet I also learnt valuable lessons from those situations too. Right here and now, I wouldn't change a thing. ProDog Raw is a passion project as much as it is a business, I'm proud of what our team has achieved so far and super excited for what the future holds.

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