Eureka Moment

I left my corporate role in 2016 when life with small children and a full-time career started to clash.  I spent the next 3 years founding an online platform connecting home owners with local business providers. I began to realise how overwhelming starting a business was: stress from lack of time, funding and skills; constant learning curve; doing everything myself; not knowing what can be outsourced, when and to whom; terrified of wasting precious funds. I was meeting other founders struggling with similar issues: how to find flexibility, additional capacity and skills for their businesses. Simultaneously, my children went to school and I was shocked by how many talented parents are excluded from working due to childcare. This developed a passion to build solutions for both sides.  A supportive flexible working environment with career opportunities whist providing reliable, high calibre support to businesses and individuals looking to achieve more productivity and peace of mind. 


SpareMyTime is self funded. 


I've made so many mistakes - some worse than others. The key is to get back up, work out what you would have done differently and make the changes. There is very little I regret.

What would you have changed?

Nothing! I make changes all the time. It's impossible to get things right straight away. The key is to be honest with yourself and to invest in what's working.