Eureka Moment

The lightbulb moment that really started the ball rolling was when I stepped backwards down someone's stairs while I was doing a quote. Being unable to do the work I already had booked meant I had to find someone else to do it. I realised how much more time I had to do all of the other tasks, and each time a task became too onerous I hired someone to take the role. As a result of that one incident the business grew from 1 employee to around 150.


I hadn't got a penny to my name and was in spiralling debt when I had the idea. I managed to get a credit card with a £200 limit for buying some basic tools and materials, and practically begged suppliers to give me credit just for a day at a time. I set up a Facebook page for free because I couldn't afford a website. By advertising on buy/sell/swap groups I was able to bring in a steady stream of business in those early days.


I don't really have any. There are a few people I'd like to have kept around and others I would have liked to have taken on the journey with me but overall it's been a great and continual learning and growth experience.

What would you have changed?

In some ways I would say nothing because clearly something has worked but perhaps I would add in systems and processes much sooner than I did and certainly better terms and conditions.

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