Eureka Moment:

When business resumed after the lockdowns ended we had so much work and just two people to do it. I had to sit down, take stock and we had to bring our capacity up to meet our demand. This was the Eureka moment for me. I decided to put the foundations in to support the business before it toppled over. So in 2023 I started recruiting for positions and quickly grew the team from 2 to 6 in 6 months. We have new hires lined up for the end of the year and into the new year.


Of course finance is key to a businesses success. I closely watch our sales, inventory and costs. These 3x metrics are key for a business when trying to make money. Cash is the biggest downfall for any business, the ability to pay staff and suppliers is key. I have always kept a close eye on cash, and because of this we were able to weather the COVID storm.


My biggest regret is trying to do too much myself. For far too long I put off hiring and delegating believing that I was the best person for the job. If I had built the team sooner and delegated responsibility, we would be further ahead with our goals.

What would you have changed? 

Built my team sooner. I should have realised earlier that I could not run this business by myself. The demand we have far outstrips my personal ability to supply and I should have implemented the changes needed. I would also have put more systems and structure in place sooner. Now we are building a great team with systems and processes in place to allow everyone to do the best they can.

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