PowerPlay is a bespoke service that supports and mentors' people who have always fostered a view of themselves as playwrights. The company help aspiring playwrights to expertly draft their scripts and also offers them a once in a lifetime opportunity to see their plays performed on a London stage.  

It's an alternative approach that sits outside the conventional route of seeking an agent and securing the approval of producers and theatre owners, before having a play staged. Powerplay is designed for those silent playwrights whose creativity has been dormant for too long, for those who are looking for an opportunity to showcase their creative selves, for storytellers who are all set to finally have their narrative told.     

PowerPlay is the brainchild of creative composer Amy Ewbank, playwright, Artistic Director, and Founder of Doll's Eye Theatre and The Joy Of Writing. Having trained at the prestigious London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA), Amy has an impressive 20-years' experience as a theatre practitioner working at top media outlets such as BBC and Channel 4, as well in established new writing London theatres such as Hampstead Theatre, Southwark Playhouse, The Old Red Lion and The King's Head. She has written four plays and her work in theatre has been featured in The Guardian Side Hustle Series, Channel 5 News, Sky News and Vice.com.  

As well as having a highly successful career in the arts, Amy has also worked at senior management level within the corporate world, leading an HR team at one company and training and qualifying as a coach. Amy not only has the artistic talent and experience to help PowerPlay clients, but she also has the mentoring and advisory skills to be able to effectively impart this knowledge and to foster their growth as playwrights and storytellers. 

Amy founded PowerPlay in 2024, as a vehicle for people to explore their creative side and love of theatre, whether they are in the corporate world, retired and ready for their next challenge or are already a successful academic writer, ready to take their hand to creative storytelling.  

Having spoken to aspiring playwrights, the main challenges they identified were a lack of time and confidence, needing inspiration and guidance as well as limited knowledge of how to produce a play. 

PowerPlay addresses all these barriers by providing professional advanced coaching and mentoring support through the play writing process, as well as sharing knowledge on how to produce plays, managing an event from start to finish for its clients. In a world where AI and tech dominate, and where we all spend far too much of our time online, PowerPlay offers a return to the magic of real life experience and the adrenalin rush of live performance. 

Participants benefit through levels of engagement when signing up with PowerPlay. At the starter silver level, the service offers playwriting mentoring sessions, writers block daily support, playwright's subscription, and the production scheduler. The next gold level includes all of the services in the starter package with additional support in playwriting, an online workshop with professional actors and director and an online script reading of the finished play, with invited guests.  

At the platinum, premium level, PowerPlay supports the aspiring dreams of playwrights through a transformational playwriting experience - taking them from blank page to stage. Along with the silver and gold services, this tailored service offers the opportunity for aspiring playwrights to see their creativity come to life and their play performed on a London stage with a catalogue of acting talent at their fingertips, including award-winning TV, Radio and West-End theatre actors  - truly a magical  night for loved ones and invited guests.  

As a late diagnosed autistic, Amy is a neurodivergent creative, which gives her a unique perspective into the importance of creative expression in an all too often "One - Size - Fits - All" neurotypical world. With PowerPlay, the industry is benefiting from an injection of dynamism and diversity of thought, led by a neurodivergent female entrepreneur.  

"With PowerPlay, we offer a transformational playwriting journey for brave adventurers who are ready to write their story for the stage. This is not an off-the-shelf playwriting programme; it's a once-in-a-lifetime personal growth experience, designed to reawaken the storyteller inside," says Amy.  

"Having to give up working solely in the arts for a "proper job" some years ago to better support myself and my family, I understand first-hand what it feels like when your creative side wilts. But I also know from my corporate experience and coaching training how to address this for clients and help impart to them the knowledge, guidance and support they need to rediscover their creativity and tell their story from within.  

Beneath the surface of a performance lies a deeply intimate writer's experience of which few audience members are conscious. Playwrights are incredibly brave; creating something new to share publicly with others always carries the thrill of risk and uncertainty.  

PowerPlay offers an intensely personal and transformative process that intertwines passion, emotion, vulnerability and human connection, combined with practical expert advice to help aspiring playwrights see their writing flourish, and their plays professionally performed."