The UK Space Agency Accelerator, delivered through a partnership with the UK Space Agency, Entrepreneurial Spark and Exotopic, is thrilled to announce the opening of applications for its coveted LEO and GEO programmes. Building on the success of its previous cohorts, the accelerator continues to foster innovation and entrepreneurship by providing exceptional support and resources to the next generation of groundbreaking space  startups. The LEO programme has been developed for entrepreneurs who may already have business traction and customers in the space sector, or entrepreneurs using space technology. The programme allows entrepreneurs to deepen their understanding of  the space industry and focus on how to lead their businesses through change. The GEO programme supports ambitious entrepreneurs on their journey to becoming resilient leaders and encourages them to spend time on areas that will bring higher impact to their businesses. It is aimed at entrepreneurs with businesses with significant commercial traction in the space sector, with either £500k+in funding or £500k annualised revenue.

Craig Brown, Director of Investment at UK Space Agency said: "The UK's space sector is flourishing, and the LEO and GEO programmes offer an exceptional opportunity for our most innovative space businesses and entrepreneurs, from all walks of life, a chance to fulfil their potential. It is vital that we continue to support the most ambitious talent creating space based solutions to global problems, who also catalyse investment into the sector, and work to keep the UK at the forefront of this thriving industry.

"We look forward to following the progress of these programmes come to life."

With 20 fully funded places available for selected participants on the Leo programme and 5 for the Geo programme, the UK Space Agency Accelerator carefully selects each participant who are set to disrupt the industry and make a lasting impact. Previous LEO and GEO alumni include D-Orbit, Quantum-Dice and Lumi Space and the programme is now inviting the next cohort of ambitious and visionary space entrepreneurs from all walks of life, to join its mission of driving innovation, economic growth, and to increase diversity in the UK space sector.

In its quest for increased diversity, the UK Space Agency Accelerator would like to see a higher number of female entrepreneurs applying to the programme. In the latest Space Census conducted in 2020 by Space Skills Alliance, women made up 29% of the space workforce, however, the number for female entrepreneurs in the space sector is still low and is an aspect the UK Space Agency Accelerator is looking to boost. The programmes are not only open for applicants from the space sector, but also for entrepreneurs who may wish to transition into the space industry from adjacent sectors such as marketing, finance, design, IT or architecture. With a growing space sector and with 80% of income deriving from commercial activities, there are plenty of opportunities to make the transition and bridge the gap of diversity in the industry.

Portia Bircher, Local Growth Manager at the UK Space Agency Accelerator said:

"The UK Space Agency Accelerator is all about supporting great people to build great businesses and, as part of our mission to grow the UK space sector, we are keen to engage with start-ups from diverse backgrounds, including those developed by female entrepreneurs.

"There has been a lot of good work done in recent years to attract more women into the space sector, but we still receive fewer applications from female founders. We are committed to taking an inclusive approach by reaching out to entrepreneurs with space-applicable technologies across all sorts of business areas, to explore the space sector as a potential market."

With a robust support infrastructure designed to accelerate the entrepreneurial journeys, participants will benefit from the guidance of seasoned industry experts though the accelerator's wide network of partners including Frazer-Nash Consultancy, Alden Legal, Know. Space and Satellite Finance Network. What sets this programme apart is its distinctive emphasis on nurturing entrepreneurial mindsets and fostering growth-oriented attitudes, two pivotal components for realising business success. The programmes also encompass personal development, equips entrepreneurs with versatile skills to shape them into resilient business leaders, and empower participants with confidence and unwavering focus on their objectives in order to succeed in space.

Applications for the accelerator programmes are now open, and UK Space Agency Accelerator encourages entrepreneurs from all backgrounds to apply.

To learn more about the LEO and GEO programmes and to apply, please visit:

UK Space Accelerator programmes

The application process will remain open until 1st of December and the programmes start on the 24th of January.

To find out more about the UK Space Agency Accelerator and to apply,

please visit: UK Space Agency Accelerator