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They are the leader in B2C marketplaces, and they are showing the way to the B2B industry, as buyers look to reciprocate the way they acquire products and services for their personal needs, inside the businesses that they work for. Here is how you can start your own, with the help of Mirakl.

A Short History of B2B Marketplaces

If you don't know much about marketplaces, it is important to put the concept in an historical context. The idea of a B2B marketplace for specialized industry sectors has been around for a long time. Twenty years ago, many people wanted to jump into the game, thinking this was the solution of the future. Now that we have reached 2023, this thought is confirmed, but back then, the technological advances were not sufficient to create strong marketplaces like the ones that we are seeing pop-up these days. That is why, even though Amazon has been around for a long time, B2B marketplaces are only finding their way online, just now.

How does Mirakl help create B2B Marketplaces

Don't let the name of the company fool you. This business is all about the real elements that you need, in order to create a solid B2B marketplace.


If you believe you have the knowledge inside an industry sector, and that you can build a network of suppliers around you, that will be interesting for buyers in your field, you will still need the technology in order to build the marketplace. Mirakl has developed the technological knowledge that it needs, to enable any B2B marketplace to raise from an idea to a full presence online.


Just like in any other business, the creation of an online marketplace will face its own series of issues and problems to be resolved. Having a technological base, although necessary, won't be able to fully solve everything. And so, entrepreneurs need the help of specialists, whenever one issue arises in the process. Thanks to more than 150 experts working with Mirakl, there are no problems that can't be solved.


No matter how many people you know in your industry, when you build a B2B marketplace, you will most probably need more. That is also something that Mirakl can help with. It has built itself a network of companies in various fields, which can be inserted into your own marketplace, as well. This saves you a lot of time, and it makes your B2B marketplace more interesting to buyers, immediately.

To create a B2B marketplace in 2023 is a very good idea. As we saw with the example of Amazon, those who will fill the space in their industry sector first, will always have the upper hand on the competition to come. So, if you have been thinking about this for a while, try calling the specialists in B2B marketplaces at Mirakl, so they can discuss the project with you and see if it all makes sense financially.